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We have all been guided by quality teachers in our search for Bible understanding; this is scriptural.
Philip assisted the Ethiopian Eunuch who was reading Scripture but did not understand it. We all need help.
We must keep the Berean attitude (Acts 17:11-12) which searches to see if these things are so and as you use these study guides, have your Bibles open and stay in prayer.

The link below takes you to over 70 Bible study books in PDF, free to download.
The authors have many year experience in presenting the Word rightly divided.

Here are two essential books; a sample from the extensive supply:
Things Most Surely Believed      Mr.C.H.Welch
Pentecost       Stuart Allen


These short but effective publications are designed for ease of distribution. Have some in your home, vehicle and work place. Many are pdf files which can be emailed to friends or printed and used as hand-outs. Visit our tracts page.

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